Love & Hip Hop’s Winter Ramos Says She Smashed The Game

Gloria Govan allegedly isn’t the only reality TV star that has been laying it low and spreading it wide for Compton rapper, Game. Apparently in Winter Ramos’ book, she tells a story of how Game is one of the 250+ industry men she’s encountered (her calculations, not mine). According to our friends over at Diary of a Hollywood Street King, an excerpt of Winter’s book ironically titled “Game Over” reveals that Winter smashed Game before immediately heading over to let Jadakiss pound the cakes.


“After leaving Game’s hotel room in hopes of Jadakiss being in another room and when he was not, I sought revenge. Jason wasn’t there and hadn’t been there. I got mad. What kind of business could he be handling that would keep him gone all night?

Immediately, I jumped to the conclusion and figured he was with another b*tch, although he’d never played me like that before. Out of spite, I returned to Game’s room.”

Winter’s book drops April 1st. Rumor has it that Maino was supposed to make an appearance in the book but he’s got the girl shook so bad she took his name out. These tell alls are going to have you women missing if you don’t play your cards right!

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