Love & Hop Hop’s Mo Fayne Post-Release Supervision Terms Revealed

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Mo Fayne was recently sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence for PPP fraud. Once out of prison, he will still be under strict restrictions under the terms of his post-release supervision.

After serving 17.5 years, he will be subjected to an additional five years of supervision. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, one of the requirements is participating in a mental health treatment program.

Other conditions revealed include submitting to drug testing and mandatory participation in a substance abuse treatment program. 

Fayne’s finances will also be closely monitored. Even a regular everyday task like opening a new credit card or incurring new credit charges will require approval from his probation officer. 

The reality TV star was sentenced to 17 and a half years behind bars after pleading guilty to six counts, including bank and wire fraud. He was also ordered to pay back $4,465,865.55.

Fayne submitted a $3.7 million PPP application alleging that his trucking business had 107 employees and a monthly payroll of $1,490,200. Instead, the rapper used the funds for $40k in back child support, $85k for jewelry, $136k for a Rolls-Royce, and $907k to start a new business in Arkansas.


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