Love Hurts Like Hell, But It’s Beautiful

I spend a considerable amount of time cracking jokes and speaking about the woes of love. Many have had poor experiences with love, which then dictates their ability to relate. In all honesty, it’s a beautiful thing.
However, people and their entitlement in conjunction with selfishness have perverted the idea of love. This perversion encourages individuals to be loyal to toxicity and endure levels of psychological abuse that abusers wouldn’t endure themselves. As a result, a cycle of broken people enter into relationships causing more dysfunction.

This dysfunction renders pain to those who are pure with intentions and as a result, they deal with this toxicity and abuse in the name of love. And that is where love hurts. Loving the wrong individual will have you questioning your worth and existence. It will make you second guess the truth when you see it with your own eyes.

However, when you find that synergy it is the most beautiful thing. Finding that person that seeks your highest good is beyond amazing. Knowing that you can say this is “all mine” without looking like a fool -wonderful. To be understood in your totality; accepted in your imperfect rawness and still be told, “you are more than enough” is what I pray we all share. However, we can’t, until we learn how to love and form organic relationships.

We (society) have forgotten what it means to be friends and to build organic relationships. We pour ourselves sexually into individuals blurring those platonic lines and logic and then label each other as “friends.” That mislabeling stunts the organic growth of relationships because we are now working backwards. And it perverts the concept of love. We are trying to build love with someone from something sexual. And when we can not, we use this title to qualify that person’s existence in our life. That is your past lover. Not your friend. If you are going to be friends do so without sex; do so without the relationship duties. Be just that. And when that foundation is laid, move forward.
Let it flow organically. Don’t force it. What will be will be. This doesn’t mean you wait for empty promises. What it means is you take things one day at a time at a pace that is both comfortable in speed and trajectory.
Be honest. Real is subjective. Real depends on the person and their definition. So when someone says to be real, they are asking you to be honest according to your definition, but when you are purely honest, the truth no matter how hard or rash it is will always be appreciated.
Appreciate it. I know “no feelings” is trendy, but to deny something you, as a being, were created to enjoy is a bit ludicrous. It is not normal to be emotionless and calloused. It is perfectly fine to be loved. You deserve it.
Leave your past in the past. Don’t forget the lessons taught and the red flags, but you can not hold your present relationship hostage based on the way your ex-behaved. Live in this moment. Live in this experience.
Yes, you have been hurt. We all have,but don’t allow yourself to be a continual victim of your ex(es) and of yourself. Love hurts because we love the wrong people and the idea of it, but at its core, love is beautiful.

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