Love Is blind is weird

‘Love Is Blind’ Catfished Tinder Users & Slid Into DMs To Get The Cast For Season 1

While Netflix latest cult classic, Love Is Blind, has become an overnight sensation, some of the couples from the show revealed that creators used some less than favorable tactics to get participants on the show.

The three leading couples, Barnett and Amber, Cameron and Lauren, and Damian and Giannina, revealed that the casting producers used some bizarre tactics, including catfishing, to lure them to the show.

“I’m probably one of the most interesting cases because they actually found me on Tinder. I started chatting with this girl, hit it off. She was like, ‘Add me on Instagram.’ We had a pretty good connection. Then she’s like, ‘I’m a casting producer.’ I’m like, ‘Catfish… haha.’ Now I’m here.” Damian revealed to Ellen Degeneres, during an appearance on her namesake show.

Giannina had a similar experience, except she was scouted via her Instagram messages.

“I was at a bar with a group of girlfriends, and I was telling them how there are no men for me in the city, and at that moment I got a DM on Instagram and it was this person telling me, ‘Hey, you can fall in love and potentially get married,'” she told Degeneres. “I was like, ‘This is the universe speaking to me.'”

Lauren, on the other hand, had a completely rational explanation for how she ended up on the show. Her dating life just simply “wasn’t going that well,” she said, and she just figured, “Well, let’s see what happens.”

“I honestly only chose to do it because I was out of work at the time, and I was going stir crazy because I was workman’s comp so I couldn’t leave. I couldn’t do anything,” she revealed during the sit-down. “I was like, ‘Find love? This could be interesting—why not?’ And I ended up with a whole husband.”

No matter the method, the series appears to be a godsend for each of the couples who ultimately found love.


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