Ludacris Reveals He Did Not Know 'Southern Hospitality' Would Be A Hit

Ludacris Reveals He Did Not Know ‘Southern Hospitality’ Would Be A Hit

During a recent sitdown with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s on their All The Smoke podcast, Ludacris revealed that he did not know “Southern Hospitality” would be the hit it would become.

The rapper revealed that the song made it on the album at the last minute, needing additional tracks to repackage an independent album for his major label debut with Def Jam. In need of a record that could pack a punch, Luda turned to The Neptunes, the production duo comprised of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo.

Luda was vibin’ to the beat they gave him, but did not know that it would turn into the hit it would later become.

“If anybody can give you a hit at the last minute, it’s Pharrell and Chad and The Neptunes,” Luda said. “He throws on this beat, and I’m vibing to it. I’m thinking it’s cool. I’m not like thinking, ‘This is a hit.'”

Luda recalls going to the studio’s parking lot to write to the instrumental in his car. The rapper thought it was good, but everyone else felt like the record could be big. 

“With ‘Southern Hospitality,’ I did not know that it was the hit that it became,” he continued.

“Southern Hospitality” was released as the second single off of Luda’s Back for the First Time. The record would go on to hit No. 23 on the Billboard 100 and No. 5 on the Billboard Rap Songs chart in 2001.

The video was directed by Jeremy Rall and featured cameos by Lil Jon, Scarface, Too Short, and Jazze Pha.  

Check out Ludacris’s full interview below.


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