“Don’t F**K With Cats”: Luka Magnotta’s Mom Still Believes ‘Manny’ Was Involved In Cat Killing Video

Is Luka Magnotta, the convicted murderer from Netflix’s “Don’t F*** With Cats,” a victim of a shoddy police investigation? His mother seems to think so.

According to TMZ, Magnotta’s mother, Anna Yourkin, told the website that she firmly believes the third hand lurking in her son’s infamous cat killing video actually belongs to Emmanuel “Manny” Lopez.

Luka’s mom claims Canadian cops and Interpol are ignoring one crucial piece of evidence from Netflix’s explosive documentary, the third hand in the frame when Luka allows a python to devour a kitty.

Magnotta has always maintained that Manny forced him to kill the felines and Chinese International student Lin Jun, but the Netflix doc seems to strongly insinuate that Manny is a fictional person based on a character from the movie “Basic Instinct.” When you watch the infamous video, the third-hand does NOT move. No one knows who it belongs to, but Luka’s mom says it has to be Manny’s hand.

”In the cat killing video, there’s a third had that you can see,” Anna said. ”So, there’s my son’s two hands, and there’s a third hand. So you can’t see a face, so it’s unidentifiable, but Manny was there.”

She also said Luka emailed her a photo of Manny before the cat-killing video ever took place, and told her not to open it unless something happened to him, but she claims she no longer has access to it because Interpol seized her email and the alleged photo.

”I had a document folder in my inbox, this was before the crime happened,” she continued. ”He had sent me a picture of Manny and the police seized my computer, so they have the picture of Manny.”

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