Lyfe Jennings Recalls Singing "Pretty Brown Eyes" For Jeffrey Dahmer While They Were in Prison Together [Videos]

Lyfe Jennings Recalls Singing “Pretty Brown Eyes” For Jeffrey Dahmer While They Were in Prison Together [Videos]

R&B singer Lyfe Jennings revealed Sunday night that he was in prison with Jeffrey Dahmer and that the serial killer asked him to sing for him.

“I could tell yall some weird stories… don’t believe it? Look it up.. 1992 receiving, my number 268192 his 227501. Gonna tell one story on a reel tonight.. sh*t gonna trip u out. Tonight at 12,” Jennings said in an Instagram post.

Jennings followed up, revealing that Dahmer asked him to sing while he was on cleaning duty.

“Like I said, I was a porter,” Jennings explained in his Instagram video. “In case you don’t know, a porter is a cat who cleans the railings, the floor, mops, and sweeps.”

“I was real young then, so they let me out to do my thing,” Jennings said. “One particular day I walked past…, and Jeffrey said ‘Hey, hey, hey, is that you down there singing?”

He said, “you would never guess what song he asked me, did I know, Pretty Brown Eyes, so I sang that record. He beat it on the door and all this stuff, man.”

According to reports, Jennings was incarcerated at Columbia Correctional Institute in Portage, Wisconsin, from 1992-2002. It’s the same facility Dahmer was killed in 1994.

Following mounds of negative comments, Jennings took to Instagram again Monday to say, “This world is so judgemental so ima head out back to mine… last part of the story…the rest I’ll tell in a interview somewhere on mars…”


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