Lyfe Jennings Says "Drugs Done Killed and Destroyed Way More Black Families Than Jeffrey Dahmer"
Lyfe Jennings (Instagram)

Lyfe Jennings Says “Drugs Done Killed and Destroyed Way More Black Families Than Jeffrey Dahmer”

In an odd twist that no one saw coming, R&B Lyfe Jennings has somewhat come to the defense of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Days ago, the r&b singer detailed that he’d spent time behind bars with the cannibalistic killer. He shared how Dahmer was intrigued with his voice as he sang for the killer who primarily targeted Black and brown gay men. Jennings even referred to the murderer who dismembered his victims as “the homie.” This raised many eyebrows, with fans wondering why he felt prideful about telling this story.

The “Must be Nice” singer fired back at critics, letting it be known that he was not reversing his stance. Instead, he slammed the Black community and questioned why people were not more concerned with Black-on-Black crime and drug use.

“Drugs done killed and destroyed way more Black families than Jeffrey Dahmer. Be mad about that,” he wrote in the now-deleted post. He removed the post and replaced it with a message to cancel culture, vowing to delete his Instagram for good. In another post, he shared, “Jesus forgives all.”

Some people believed that Jennings was trying to bring attention to himself by telling stories about his incarceration with the killer. However, Jennings assured fans that he simply wanted to tell his story.

Many people have slammed Netflix for bringing attention to the killer with its new limited series. The victims’ families have come forward, slamming the streamer for failing to consult with them before producing the film.

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