Ma$e Announces He’s Signing To Death Row Records [Video]

Ma$e Announces He’s Signing To Death Row Records [Video]

Mase is solidifying his position in history as he’s in the process of signing to Death Row Records.

On Wednesday, the Harlem rapper claimed to be working on signing with Death Row. In an Instagram video, Mase said, “I’m on Crenshaw. Just passed Pico, just passed Slauson, and I’m out here to meet with Snoop. So I can do another joint venture with Death Row Records.”

He continued, “I’ll be officially the first one signed to Bad Boy and Death Row. And we gon’ get the 2Pac thing rekindled. Let’s see where we go with that.”

If the deal is confirmed, the move will become a monumental moment in hip-hop. In the mid-90s, Death Row and Bad Boy had a fierce rivalry that claimed the lives of 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G.

Isn’t not clear, but the “Welcome Back” rapper may possibly be trying to ruffle Diddy’s feathers. Mase and his former boss have seen eye to eye in a while. Recently, Mase appeared on the ‘Million Dollaz Worth Of Game’ podcast, expressing his issues with Diddy. The rapper accused the Bad Boy founder of not giving him his due credit or compensation during his time with the label.

“I felt like I did more than I got credit for, more than I got paid for,” he said. “I never got paid what I was worth, and I never got the respect I was worth. So the disdain is like, ‘You’re tryna keep me here, n*gga?’ I’m not here. All my peers issue up here. All my peers are bosses.”

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