Ma$e Responds to Shannon Sharpe's "Gangster Pastor" Jab Amid Internet Back-n-Fourth
Mase and Shannon Sharpe (Getty)

Ma$e Responds to Shannon Sharpe’s “Gangster Pastor” Jab Amid Internet Back-n-Fourth [Video]

Shannon Sharpe and Ma$e are now battling it out.

The podcaster-on-podcaster beef began shortly after Mike Epps clowned Sharpe on stage during a recent stand-up. While Epps and Sharpe exchanged words, Ma$e commented on the matter during an episode of his show, It Is What It Is,” stating, “N***as is too grown to be wrestling. Y’all n***as doing all this curling. Go ahead if you want. I see you doing your dips and all that. I know you on set number eight. He did 84 pull-ups.”

This clearly didn’t sit well with Sharpe, who referred to the New York rapper as a “gangster pastor.” If you remember, Ma$e retired from rap to pursue his religion, becoming an ordained minister and continuing his education at Clark Atlanta University. He returned to hip-hop five years later with a lead single and album, “Welcome Back.” In 2021, he even briefly landed a preaching job at the Gathering Oasis Church. However, Ma$e was not interested in Sharpe taking shots at his religious endeavors and fired back during Monday’s episode of “ It Is What It Is.”

“Listen, Shannon, I’m not the one to play with,” Ma$e stated before adding, “You wanted to be tough with Mike Epps, and you settled quicker than Diddy and Cassie.”

Then Ma$e questioned why Sharpe has been in a string of beef with Black entertainers but was seemingly much more gracious during his professional fallout with Skip Bayless.

“You showed poise, respect, wherewithal, resolve, compassion, reverence with Skip Bayless. Why are you so aggressive anytime anybody Black say something?” Ma$e questioned.

It’s unclear if these two will make a meetup to end their issues amicably the same way Sharpe and Epps did.

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