MAGA Stans Were Not Here For Mariah Carey’s Photo With Colin Kaepernick, Fans Threatened Not To Buy Her New Album

First of all, everyone knows even a smidgen of black heritage in your blood makes you black. And Mariah Carey has always had plenty of it. Apparently, her Trump supporting fans forgot that and begun to turn their backs on the music icon for posting a photo with former NFL star turned activist, Colin Kaepernick. 

Mariah recently snapped a pic with Colin at Hot 97 while promoting her upcoming album “Caution.” She understandably expressed her excitement in the photo’s Instagram caption, which read, “Such an honor to meet @kaepernick7 today!”

It didn’t take long for her undercover racist fans to reveal themselves, as her comment section went crazy with opposition and even a few “who cares” threats against Mariah and her appreciation for Kaepernick. But the opposition was met with plenty of clapbacks from loyal Mariah fans who defended the singer supporting Kaepernick’s cause. 

One angry fan commented, “I’m literally disappointed in you Mariah for this,” while another stated, “Not buying the new album because of this.” Supportive fans commented, “Once again Mariah got the Mayo people shooketh” and maybe the most expressed comment of them all, “Did y’all forget Mariah is a black woman?”

Colin later reposted Carey’s photo and captioned back, “It was an honor to meet an icon!”

Why would this even be an issue? What do you think?

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