In life you’re dealt your fair share of ups & downs. Its all in how you play your cards that will determine your destiny. Brooklyn Native, Maino, has dealt with adversity head on, having been incarcerated, he turned to music as his saving grace. You’ve heard the impressive singles, Hi Hater & All the Above, Maino gears up to release his debut If Tomorrow Comes set for a June 30th release. Enjoy the ride as we discuss facing adversity, what type of woman he’s feeling & more.

Check the exclusive interview below:

BA: Whats going on Maino!?!?!

Maino: Whats up Baby…

BA: Where can we start, explain to the world how does it feel to be Maino in the present day given your past adversities?

Maino: I feel blessed. I feel chosen, somewhat, you know what I mean. I feel like I’m living a dream. I feel like a miracle baby to get where I’m at now after going through everything I’ve been through.

BA: Given, you’re from NY how does it feel to be the only prevalent mainstream artist out right now?

Maino: Well, I wish it was more. You know, because I feel like, we need not only myself. We need to see a couple of other people to make national hit records that’s moving around the country. In order for us to really bring New York forward, hopefully, with what I’m doing people will catch on & you never know maybe by the end of the year or next year we’ll see a lot more NY artists doing the same thing.

BA: With the mixtape circuit creating your initial buzz, how did you feel when you heard “Rumors” hit mainstream America?

Maino: Rumors, Rumors changed my life man, ya know. Rumors was the record that I made that kinda had me being an average mixtape artist to having record labels being interested in me. It felt good because I never really actually shopped for a deal, ya just turned around one day to having labels calling my phone.

BA: Did you envision Hi Hater & All the Above to be such huge hits?

Maino: Well I knew with Hi Hater I was holding dynamite, its one thing to know something but its another thing to be living it out. I’m living it out & it feels good. The situation with All the Above its still moving & its still new and we’re just building. At the end of the day we’re trying to build anticipation for people to run out to stores June 9th to buy this realistic classic album called If Tomorrow Comes.

BA: Many say the origins of hip-hop have died, you mention bringing forth new life to it, how do you plan on doing so?

Maino: By being myself & just giving the people real music, good music. at the end of the day people get caught up with what we’re doing yesterday, ohh NY used to do this, used to do that, I’m not really caught up in that, ya know because at the end of the day, you gotta give people good music. It all comes down to the music. If the people ain’t listening to the music somethings wrong. Ya know, you cant win today’s game with yesterdays points. I’m not for all that. I’m not trying to bring nothing old back, I’m just trying to bring forth new. I’m fresh, I’m brand new. Lets get it!

BA: Now, our site, is comprised of 70% women, many inquiring minds would like to know if you’re single? If so, what kinds of women do you like?

Maino: Yes, I am. I like an independent woman first & foremost. Definitely beautiful. Responsible, trustworthy, have a good sense of humor. Thats basically it. It would be cool if she liked girls too. That would be cool. I mean she doesn’t have to, but it would be cool.

BA: laughs, An added luxury for you, huh?

Maino: Added, Added, Added..

BA: With new success comes new found fame, friends & more importantly, groupies. How do you handle them?

Maino: I really don’t deal with it. You know what I mean, I try to more or less stay away from it. I just try to get in the club, do what I got to do & get out. Safety is big with me. I’m not into the groupies too much, its just bout us getting in the club & leaving the club the same way we came in one piece.

BA: In a recent World Star Hip-Hop video, you had been looking for Jadakiss’ album, and you made a statement, about NY supporting other NY artists, given the trend of hip-hop beefs, how do you feel about them?

Maino: I don’t have a problem with hip-hop beefs. They’ve been around ever since hip-hop, ya know. If thats how men decide they want to deal with situations, then I don’t have a problem with it. Who am I to judge, I’ve had real, realistic beefs, ya know.

BA: With our site focusing on the balleresque lifestyle, what has been the most expensive purchase you’ve made outside of your home?

Maino: Well I haven’t really made too many. I came into the game already with my own, my own cars, jewelry, etc. I haven’t got to the point of where I’m splurging yet because you got to be smart right now, because its not promised. I haven’t even put the album out, I want to be smart about what I’m doing, know what I mean, especially dealing with finances, I got a lot of people depending on me. I’m not at the point where I can go just buy any & everything I want yet, I’m just keeping it real.

BA: Now, what’s really in a name. The album, entitled If Tomorrow Comes, how did you come up with that concept?

Maino: I named it that because If tomorrow comes, I want it to be better than today, you know. If tomorrow comes, I want it to be better than my yesterday. You understand? I feel like I’ve been through hell to get here, so now everyday I want it to be better, or at least try to make it better.

BA: With collaborations on your album with T.I., BG, just to name a few, are there any other individuals in the industry that you’d like to work with that you haven’t already?

Maino: Umm, I’ll pretty much work with anybody, if it makes sense. I don’t have any specifics. If it makes sense & we can get it done, it’ll be cool.

BA: How bout you let me spit a quick 16 on a track for the album?

Maino: laughs, We might have to work something out.

BA: Let’s play a little word association, I throw out a word/name & you tell me what comes to your mind first: STRUGGLE

Maino: PAIN


Maino: laughs, THE HAND OF GOD


Maino: GREAT









BA: Well, Maino, this has definitely been a pleasure. I definitely will be checking for If Tomorrow Comes, IN STORES NOW & as you said, you’ve come from the bottom in hopes of reaching the top. Baller Alert wishes you continued success from now on into the future.

Maino: Ok, thanks a lot!


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