Make Your New Year’s Resolution To Marry Your Boo: Nine Places To Propose This New Year

The New Year is coming, and what better way to kick it off than by making your loved one your fiancé. It’s one of the biggest steps to take in your life, and the moment has to be unlike any other. Here are some perfect locations to make popping the big question a memory of a lifetime.

1. Times Square- There’s just something about the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple that can make a proposal even more exciting.

2. Where You Two First Met- Let’s take it back to where it all started. Even though you two are trying to build a future together, there’s nothing wrong with visiting the past to see how far you have come as one. Set up a nice dinner near or at your initial meeting location and talk about the memories you two share. Discussing your journey will also make for an easy transition into the big question.

3. While Sailing- Keep your relationship afloat on a nice boat trip. Sail off into the sunset, while a violinist plays sweet, romantic melodies. Forget being seasick she or he will be so lovesick they’ll be riding your surfboard later on.

4. On A Hike- Take your relationship to new heights by going on a hike and telling your lover there’s no one else you’d instead go the distance with.

5. Hot Air Balloon- Turn up the heat and drift off into the sky with your boo. Seeing the wide-open spaces with your special person can help clear the mind and calm until you’re ready to pop the question.

6. Disneyland/World- I mean it is the most magical place on Earth, why not Disneyland or Disneyworld? Make your love story a fairytale, and find a whole new world with your loved one. If you really want to go to infinity and beyond, send your bae to the theme park with their friends, dress up as one of the characters and surprise them with the ring.

7. Destination Proposal- Do you really even need an excuse to getaway? Going on a vacation is always perfect for when you want to experience something new with your lover. But, make sure they don’t have to stress about anything besides packing. Have everything taken care of from the hotel to the flight plans.

8. At An NYE Party- It’s super cliché, but sometimes cliché works out just fine. Plan to go to a fun holiday party with the ring equipped. As you guys countdown to the New Year together, begin to reveal the ring to your boo and take a knee. Holiday parties are the best because you can celebrate with friends and family after they say “yes.”

9. At Home- Dorothy said it best: there’s no place like home. Sometimes an intimate moment like popping the question is best shared with just the two people involved. Order in your two’s favorite food, pop a bottle, and then pop the question.

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