Mali Woman Delivers Nine Babies After Believing She Was Pregnant With Only Seven

A Mali woman has just given birth to nine babies after she was told to expect just seven.

The gift of childbirth is a blessing. For , 25, she understands that sentiment wholeheartedly, as she’s just been blessed nine times. According to Malian officials, the mother gave birth to five girls and four boys at a Morocco hospital on Tuesday.

On March 30, Cisse was flown out to Morocco to receive better care for her pregnancy. Tagging along with her was a doctor, Newsweek reports. All of the babies were born via a cesarean section, and according to Newsweek, they are all in good health.

“The mother and babies are doing well so far,” said Mali’s health minister Fanta Siby. She added that she’d been staying in contact with the doctor that went with Cisse to north Africa. Siby says Cisse and her children will be going back to Mali in several weeks.

Cisse’s pregnancy was high-risk, and medical officials were reportedly concerned with her well-being and the survival of the babies. After conducting a scan, only seven babies were seen, raising concern for Cisse’s health. The other two babies were completely missed during her ultrasound procedure.

Siby said Cisses was pleased with her care, saying congratulations to “the medical teams of Mali and Morocco, whose professionalism is at the origin of the happy outcome of this pregnancy.” There are no details on whether the mother was using any fertility treatment.

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