Man Accused Of Murdering His Online Girlfriend & Harvesting Her Organs

Man Accused Of Murdering His Online Girlfriend & Harvesting Her Organs

A woman traveled from Mexico to Peru in search of love, only to be brutally killed and her organs stolen.

Blanca Arellano traveled to Lima in July 2022 from Mexico City to meet Peruvian medical student Juan Pablo Jesús Villafuerte, whom she’d been dating online for a short while. Arellano stayed in contact with her family, and they believed the relationship was off to a great start after the couple finally met in person. However, on November 7th, the woman mysteriously stopped responding to her loved ones. Her niece Karla reached out to Villafuerte, who claimed the woman abruptly decided to return to Mexico. However, she quickly realized that was a lie when her aunt failed to return home. Villafuerte tried to cover his tracks by stating that Arellano was no longer interested in him and that her phone was not working.

Just two days later, on November 9th, the mutilated remains of Arellano washed ashore on a beach near Villafuerte’s home in Huacho. Arellano’s face had been cut from her severed head with such precision authorities knew immediately that someone with prior surgical experience had to have committed the crime. Arellano’s finger, arm, and torso were found hours later. As if her death was not gruesome enough, the 51-year-old’s organs were removed from the torso.

As suspicions fell on Villafuerte, the man reportedly shared TikTok videos of himself dissecting human organs, including a brain and pancreas. It is unknown if these were Arellano’s body parts in the videos.

Villafuerte was taken into custody on November 17th, charged with human trafficking, organ trafficking, and femicide, a hate crime broadly defined as the killing of women or girls solely because they are female. A search of his home gave police a glimpse into the brutality that Arellano endured. Blood was found in the bathroom, laundry room, and on a mattress.

Investigators do not believe Villafuerte acted alone and are working to determine where or to who the victim’s organs went.

Man Accused Of Murdering His Online Girlfriend & Harvesting Her Organs
Blanca Arellano

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