Man Arrested After Kidnapping Attempt At Drive-Thru [Video]

Police Arrest Suspect Who Attempted to Abduct Barista Through Drive-Thru Window [Video]

A man who allegedly attempted to kidnap a barista through a drive-thru window has reportedly been arrested by police in Washington state.

To identify the suspect, the Auburn Police Department released surveillance footage of the incident, which occurred shortly after 5 a.m. local time on Monday.

“The suspect seen here attempted to drag the victim through the window using a looped zip tie device,” the department.  “The victim was able to fight off the attacker.”

According to the surveillance footage, the barista is seen giving the driver cash through the drive-thru window as he attempts to grab her wrist with one hand while holding a zip tie in the other.

The video then shows the suspect driving off as the barista manages to break free.
Police say that the suspect has a unique tattoo on his forearm that appears to say “Chevrolet.”
“After overwhelming support from the community,” the department announced Tuesday that the suspect had been arrested.
According to Colby Crossley, a spokesperson for the Auburn Police Department, the suspect was arrested on Tuesday at his home in Auburn on kidnapping charges after the police received “numerous” leads.

“Multiple people called in saying they knew the person and were able to give a name,” Crossley said.

“We had such great evidence,” he added.

Additionally, police discovered further evidence in the suspect’s car “linking him to the crime,” Crossley said.

It’s unclear whether the suspect and the victim were acquainted.  Crossley stated, “That’s part of the investigation.”

According to Crossley, police plan to release the suspect’s name at his first court appearance scheduled for Wednesday morning.


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