Man Arrested for Camping Out At Disney World’s Discovery Island While Closed Due to COVID-19

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Richard McGuire of Mobile, Alabama, chose to quarantine in luxury at Walt Disney World’s Discovery Island last week. However, the park has been closed due to COVID-19.   

McGuire, 42, arrived on the abandoned island Monday or Tuesday and was discovered by Disney Security on Thursday. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Orange County authorities were called to ‪4301 N. World Drive‬ and attempted to make contact with McGuire through the park’s speaker system. When that failed, deputies searched for the suspect by boat, helicopter, and foot patrol. 

Eventually, McGuire was located and told authorities he didn’t hear the loudspeakers because he was sleeping. He also claimed he was “unaware” that he was trespassing, although the park has numerous no trespassing signs. According to Newsweek, McGuire planned to camp out for a week in what he described as “tropical paradise.” 

For 25 years, Discovery Island was used for the park’s wildlife exhibit. It was closed in 1999 and is now an abandoned Disney-owned property. It is believed that McGuire was camping out in the original buildings that remained on the island. 

Disney closed its parks on March 16, on Tuesday Variety reported that a Florida task force recently gave the company guidelines to reopen in phases, beginning at 50 percent capacity. It is unknown when Disney will decide to resume business. 

As for McGuire, he has been charged for trespassing and is banned from returning to any Walt Disney World properties.

Man Arrested for Camping Out At Disney World's Discovery Island

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