Man Arrested After Cops Followed Blood Trail to Apartment and Found Roommate’s Body in Suitcase

Man Arrested After Cops Followed Blood Trail to Apartment and Found Roommate’s Body in Suitcase

A Tennessee man is facing multiple charges after his roommate’s body was found inside a suitcase in Memphis earlier this month.

On December 12, Memphis police responded to a call after a body was discovered “stuffed in a suitcase” in the Midtown area. The body was later identified as that of 63-year-old Bruce Jeffries.

A witness told investigators that they had seen 30-year-old Julian Summers dragging the suitcase through an alley earlier the same day. The witness claimed Summers tried to throw the suitcase into a dumpster but failed to do so because it was too heavy.

According to the witness, Summers ultimately ditched the suitcase and fled after realizing he was being watched. Police later obtained footage taken from a nearby apartment complex that showed Summers with the suitcase.

Investigators also stated that a “blood trail” from the suitcase led them back to the Broadmoor Apartments complex and resulted in the discovery of additional blood evidence and “signs of struggle.”

Authorities later determined that Summers and Jeffries, who died from blunt force had been trauma to the head, were roommates at the apartment.

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