Man Beats Up 84-Year-Old Ohio Man Over His Joe Biden Yard Sign

An Ohio man was assaulted over a Joe Biden campaign sign in his yard.

People clearly don’t know how to respect people’s political views in Trump’s America, so instead of minding their own business, some have decided to harass others, even if they are elderly.

According to Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office, on Oct. 22, Deputy Tyler Mann was responding to an assault call in Coshocton when he found an 84-year-old man bleeding from the left side of his face and right hand. The victim explained to the officer that a man named Melvin E. Wallace attacked him during a confrontation while the elderly man was getting out of his car, USA Today reports. The victim was later taken to Coshocton Regional Medical Center to be treated for his wounds.

A witness told police that Wallace, 69, was kicking and punching the old man. On Monday, Wallace was charged with assault, a first-degree misdemeanor, in Coshocton Municipal Court. Wallace wasn’t booked in the Coshocton Justice Center, and he is scheduled for another hearing on Nov. 18 in municipal court.

Prior to the incident, the victim told police that Wallace came by his house and asked him why he had a Biden sign in his yard. The elderly man said the man became angry which prompted the victim to close the door while telling him to leave. When police contacted Wallace, the man admitted to going to the victim’s home, explaining that he was angry about the way he was treated. Still upset by the first conversation with the victim, Wallace explained that a couple of days later he went back to the victim’s home. He was told to leave again, but then, the two broke out into a fight, according to the report.USA Today reports that there were no visible injuries on Wallace and that he said he was not hurt. Wallace claimed that the injuries the victim sustained were the cause of the elderly man’s glasses. The outlet reports that police told Wallace that the injuries may have been caused by his glasses bu that the injuries would have never happened if the physical confrontation never occurred.

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