Man Dies After Judge Orders Clinic To Use Chlorine Dioxide COVID-19 Treatment

A judge ordered a clinic to administer a powerful disinfectant to an ill patient. The clinic administered the disinfectant and said that it would bear no responsibility for any negative outcome. Now — a family wants justice.

A family in Argentina wants Otamendi y Miroli clinic to be held accountable for the death of their 92-year-old relative that was given chlorine dioxide to treat COVID-19.

The FDA warned that consumption of the disinfectant could jeopardize a person’s health after President Donald Trump suggested that it could be used to cure COVID-19.

Omar Sued, president of the Argentine Society of Infectology, believes that the judge was not right to order the clinic to administer the substance.

“For a judge to decide that a doctor has to administer a substance for which there is no scientific evidence is really worrying, especially when it is in intravenous form,” Sued said. “It is not the decision of a judge to administer a medication he does not know to a patient. It is not his role.”

According to CBS News, the family’s lawyer told C5N that his client will sue the Otamendi clinic because they delayed the treatment and should be held responsible for their relative’s death.

“The man died of an in-hospital infection and because of the delay in treatment,” the lawyer said.

Argentina has counted more than 1.7 million cases of COVID-19 and 44,500 deaths.


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