Man Dies At Texas Rangers Baseball Game

Man Dies At Texas Rangers Baseball Game

Sad Sad Story. A man took his son to a Texas Rangers game in the hopes of catching a foul ball for his son. He caught the ball, unfortunately it cost him his life. The man reached over the railing to catch the ball and tumbled over 20 feet, falling head first on to concrete. 


Via NY Post

The mother of the man who died after falling over an outfield railing at a Texas Rangers game Thursday says he had gone to the ballpark with his 6-year-old son in hopes of catching a ball.


Suzann Stone told The Associated Press on Friday that Shannon Stone and young Cooper Stone had even stopped on the way to Arlington, Texas, on Thursday to buy the boy a new glove.

Reigning AL MVP Josh Hamilton, Cooper’s favorite player, grabbed a foul ball that ricocheted into left field and tossed it into the stands.

The accident in Texas occurred in the second inning after Oakland’s Conor Jackson hit a foul ball. Hamilton retrieved the ball and tossed it into the stands.

TV replays showed Stone falling head-first and landing behind a 14-foot-high wall supporting a video board for replays and scores. The area where the man fell is out of sight from the field.

Stone caught the ball but tumbled over the railing and plunged 20 feet onto concrete.

Rangers team president Nolan Ryan spoke about the accident last night.

“We had a very tragic accident tonight and one of our fans lost their life reaching over the rail trying to get a ball,” team president Nolan Ryan said. “As an organization, and as our team members and our staff, we’re very heavy-hearted about this, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.”

The Rangers clubhouse was closed to reporters after the game.


This is extremely tragic. My heart goes out to the man’s family and most of all his son who had to witness such an accident. Here’s video from the game.



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