Man In Jail After He Robbed A Bank In Attempt To Get Taylor Swift’s Attention

A man was arrested last week in Connecticut after an attempt to impress pop superstar Taylor Swift. According to a police report acquired by TMZ, Bruce Rowley led cops on a chase from Rhode Island to Connecticut after he robbed a bank.  He told cops that the money was to impress Swift.

Rowley was arrested in Ansonia, Connecticut where he confessed that he robbed a bank and then drove to Swift’s house to throw some of the money over her fence in an attempt to win her love.  Cops are still investigating on whether he actually went to her house or not.  TMZ states that the police report claims Rowley continued to confess his crush on Taylor.  The second part of his scheme to impress her included donating some of the money to Ansonia PD.

Bruce Rowley is currently being held on bail.  He was booked on two charges: larceny in the fourth degree and second-degree robbery

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