Man Opens Emergency Exit Door During Flight On Asiana Airlines [Video]

Man Opens Emergency Exit Door During Flight On Asiana Airlines [Video]

South Korea authorities arrested a man they say opened an emergency exit door mid flight. At least 12 people were injured as a result.

Friday, officials confirmed that the passenger was sitting in the emergency exit row when he opened the door on the Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 jet in East Asia.

The plane was carrying 194 people and  headed to the city of Daegu from the southern island of Jeju, USA Today reported.

The plane was nearly 700 feet from the ground and almost two minutes from landing in the city about 150 miles south of Seoul, the South Korean Transport Ministry said.

Passengers attempted to stop the man, but he was still able to partially open the door, officials reported.

Video footage shows the plane flying with the door ajar and passengers’ screaming as their belongings fly around.

Fortunately, the plane made a safe landing. The man face sever charges, including violating the aviation security law. He could be sentenced to ten years in prison.

According to local emergency officials, crews transported 12 passengers to hospitals for”breathing problems and other minor symptoms.” Some passengers experienced severe ear pain when the door opened.


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