Man Pleads Guilty in 2018 Shooting Death of 3-Year-Old T'Rhigi Diggs

Man Pleads Guilty in 2018 Shooting Death of 3-Year-Old T’Rhigi Diggs

A Georgia man pleaded guilty to the shooting death of a 3-year-old boy at a gas station that occurred four years ago. His plea was part of a plea deal that people are calling bittersweet.

Christoper Cullens listened and looked straightforward as family members of T’Rhigi Diggs said how much it hurts knowing they’ll never see the child grow up.

“They said I killed my baby. They blamed me for this. I blamed myself for this. It took me a long time to stop blaming myself for this,” the boy’s mother, Rashonda Craig said in court.

On Easter Day 2018, around 11:30 pm, 3-year-old T’Rhigi and his mother were at a Texaco located along Bouldercrest Road in Dekalb County

Investigators said then-15-Year-old Cullens shot a real gun at people who were shooting paintballs at him. Craig and her son were innocent bystanders. T’Rhigi was fatally hit.

The mother broke down in court on Friday as Cullens’ lawyer read his client’s statement to her.

“I really have more of a good heart than bad,” that letter read. “I do feel bad for the loss of your son.”

Cullens, who is now 19, pleaded guilty to get a lesser sentence and his murder charge was dropped to voluntary manslaughter for a total of 15 years in jail, Fox 5 News reported.

He also has the possibility of parole.

“It certainly won’t bring my nephew back but I hope it will keep the defendant from committing a heinous crime again,” the boy’s aunt said. “We’re left picking up the broken pieces of our lives while your family still gets to hear your voice and see you.”

Cullens’ mother exited the courtroom as T’Rhigi’s mother spoke on the difficult interactions they’ve had with the Cullens family.

“They’ve called me a liar, said I killed my own baby,” she said through tears.

“I’m sorry to every one of you, mainly to the mother,” Cullens’ sister apologized in court.

Craig considers her apology the first she’s received.

“I was expecting [Cullens’ mother] to say something in court but she walked out as soon as I started talking.”

“The sisters, they apologized to me so that meant a little bit,” she continued.

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