Pennsylvania Man Sentenced to Five Years Probation for Trying to Vote for Trump Using His Dead Mother’s Name

A Pennsylvania man was sentenced to five years probation illegally voting in the name of his late mother.

Bruce Bartman, 70, was sentenced to probation on Friday after pleading guilty to two counts of perjury and one count of unlawful voting. During the 2020 election, Bartman voted in the name of his mother, who passed away in 2019. According to court records and Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer’s office, the man was trying to re-elect Donald Trump.

According to voting records, Bartman used Pennsylvania’s online voter-registration portal to register both his deceased mother, Elizabeth Bartman, and his deceased mother-in-law Elizabeth Weihman. He registered them both as Republican voters. Bartman requested the ballots, filled them out and then sent them as absentee ballots during the election.

After entering a guilty plea, Bartman was sentenced to five years of probation. For his wrongdoings, he will no longer be able to vote for four years.

He claims that the pandemic and being stuck at home misled him into believing “propaganda and statements” about voter fraud. “This was his way of misguided political dissent,” Stretton said. “He accepts the responsibility.”

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