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Man Speaks Out About Pulling Gun On 14-Year-Old Who Attempted To Steal His Car

Yesterday a video of a teen who attempted to steal a BMW from a Texaco gas station in East-Atlanta Georgia has gone viral, and now the owner of the vehicle is speaking out about the incident.

In the video that was posted to Instagram, the owner of the BMW kept it all the way real and updated us on what happened after he yanked the 14-year-old boy out of the car.

He said that at first, he had “left his car running” with the doors unlocked but that he wasn’t worried because he was raised to always check his surroundings from people’s “movements, body language to what people say.”

At the time the man was waiting to get some ribs with his back turned to his car when he glanced over and saw the teen trying to get in. Instantly he said he “didn’t know how old the boy was” and that he could’ve shot at the car but instead, he ran over with his gun drawn, and the teen surrendered.

That’s when he realized the boy was just a kid. The boy said, “please don’t kill me call the police.” The man said he “ain’t no rat” and that he had seen himself in the boy. He said he “ain’t never did no sh*t like that” but he has done something that could’ve got his head blown off too.

Immediately after he got the boy out of the car he lifted his shirt to make sure he wasn’t carrying a pistol. The man said before the incident he noticed a Tahoe and wanted to make sure they weren’t involved, and they weren’t. Surveillance cameras showed that the boy came from the side street.

Instead of calling the police or firing his weapon, the man decided to have a conversation with the boy. He said they chopped it up for a bit even though he wanted to “whop him and knock his teeth out,” but he didn’t.

The man went on to say that the boy needed to find a new hustle and that if he really needed or wanted something, he could’ve just approached him and asked. He said “a cool real playa a** n*gga like me, sh*t I would’ve gave it to ya.”

After a while, he said the boy apologized but was still scared that he was going to do something to him. He said the boy said he rather be in jail than dead.

In the end, we hope this young boy took this opportunity to reevaluate his life because others aren’t so lucky.

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