Man Sues Jennifer Lopez and Al Roker Over Bounty Hunter Reality TV Show

A man is suing Jennifer Lopez and Al Roker after he says he was wrongly portrayed as a car thief on a reality show the two celebs produced many years back.
The former show was called “Big Easy Justice.” The man, Everette Draughn, says he was featured on an April 2012 episode in which he was described as being wanted for “grand theft auto,” which he says was “wholly and factually inaccurate,” according to the filed lawsuit. The show which aired on Spike TV was hosted by Tat-2 The Bounty Hunter, who he worked around the New Orleans area.
On the episode in question, Draughn says Tat-2 came to his home and threatened to bust down his door if Draughn refused to let him in. Draughn allowed Tat-2 and his armed posse inside, along with the show’s camera crew. Draughn says he was then arrested, taken to jail and forced to sign what he didn’t know was a release form for the show.

Following the incident, Draughn sued the show in Louisiana, however, the case was dismissed. Draughn refiled In New York after he said the release he signed requires all disputes to be settled in New York. There are no details on the damages he’s seeking, and JLo and Roger have yet to comment on the lawsuit.

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