Man Traveling To See Family Stomped to Death By Convicted Killer at Hotel

According to the Daily Mail, a married father from Massachusetts, who was traveling to visit family, was fatally stabbed and repeatedly stomped on the throat by a homeless convicted killer, who was staying at a South Florida Hotel to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Investigators say Charles Morgan was approached by Alphonso Washington, 59, who had been staying at the Roadway Inn & Suites for two months along with other homeless people as part of a program to stop the spread of COVID-19.

According to arrest reports, Morgan checked into the hotel around 9 pm, and the next morning he asked the front desk clerk about a check-cashing store. When he returned to the hotel, he had breakfast and then took a cab to Walmart.

Morgan returned to room 3104 later that morning, the report said. Investigators also say Washington was seen following Morgan that morning.

Washington got into an argument with Morgan just after 10 am, as he was sitting outside his room on a chair, the report said.

Police believe the men entered the room together even though the surveillance video skips at that moment. Washington is seen leaving the room at 10:13 am, pacing around the area, and sitting in the chair outside until almost 11 am.

A housekeeper passed by the room around that time and overheard an argument between two men. She told investigators that she recognized Washington’s voice from previously interacting with him.

Later that day, Morgan was found naked in the hotel room bathroom. His larynx was crushed severely. According to the arrest report, the injury would have had to be caused by ‘using a shoe and stomping on a person’s throat.’

It was also concluded by the medical examiner who performed Morgan’s autopsy that he sustained a severe blunt force trauma to the head.

‘There was also an unknown black object lodged in the victim’s anal cavity,’ the document stated.

Washington denied murdering Morgan. The arrest report doesn’t list a motive for the killing.

Washington was charged with murder and parole violation after being booked into Broward County Jail. He was ordered to be held without bond after appearing in court last Thursday.

Morgan was described as a carpenter and builder that lived in Martha’s Vineyard with his wife, Jackie, and their daughter, Mary.

‘I don’t have any words, except that we are just devastated, and I will miss my husband so much,’ Jackie Flynn-Morgan told Martha’s Vineyard Times.

According to his friend, Joe Keenan, he was remembered as a hard worker and a ‘salt-of-the-earth’ person by those who knew him.

Homeless man kills man

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