Man Who Allegedly Killed Cop Loses Eye During Arrest, Prosecutors Say Force Was “Lawful And Justified”

Florida cops say they used “lawful and justified” force when arresting a man accused of killing an officer.

On Wednesday, a state prosecutor said there was nothing wrong with the way they handled the arrest of Markeith Lloyd, who was beaten so badly that he lost his left eye. “After carefully examining the report and evidence, I have determined that the use of force used during the arrest of Markeith Lloyd was lawful and justified under the provisions of Florida statues, and no further action will be taken by this office,” State Attorney General Phil Archer said in a statement, WOFL TV reported Wednesday.

The 41-year-old man was arrested in 2017 after police went on a week-long search for Lloyd after he allegedly shot and killed Lt. Debra Clayton outside an Orlando Wal-Mart. On Jan. 9, 2017, Officer Clayton was in the store when she received a tip that Lloyd, who was wanted for questioning in relation to the killing of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, was outside. When she approached Lloyd, he immediately began shooting her “multiple times.”

Lloyd then took off with the police right behind him. He ended up stealing a second vehicle along the way while opening fire on a deputy’s car. Llyod eventually got away. Police arrested Lloyd on Jan. 17, and when he was brought in, he was covered in blood. Lloyd’s condition sparked concern from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and lawyers, as well as the state attorney general’s office.

Archer said he received the “detailed and comprehensive” report July 10 and announced the results Wednesday. “It documents, in detail, the actions of Markeith Lloyd and the force used by law enforcement officers who arrested him,” he said.

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