Wife Of California Doctor Accused of Intentionally Driving Family Off Cliff Doesn’t Want Him Prosecuted
Dharmesh Patel mughot San Mateo County Sheriff's Office

California Man Who Intentionally Drove Car Off Cliff With Family Inside Charged With Attempted Murder

On Monday, prosecutors revealed that a California father had been charged with three counts of attempted murder after he reportedly drove a car off a cliff last month with his wife and two children still inside.

According to reports, all four family members survived the crash.

Prosecutors are charging Dharmesh Patel, 41, with intentionally driving his Tesla off the Pacific Coast Highway at Devil’s Slide, sending his family down about 250 feet to a rocky beach below.

During Monday’s news conference,  San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe explained that two of the three offenses against Patel have enhancements for domestic violence and serious bodily injury.

The extent of the child’s injuries remains unknown.  However, Wagstaffe stated that Patel’s wife is currently in the hospital after sustaining “major injuries.”

“Miraculously though, the four-year-old came out with just some bruises, and that does not qualify for significant bodily injury,” Wagstaffe said.

Patel appeared in court on Monday in San Mateo County but did not make a plea; he is anticipated to do so on February 9.

Judge Jeffrey Finigan of the superior court ordered Patel’s arrest without bond.  Joshua Bentley, Patel’s attorney, stated that he intends to file a motion regarding bail later.

Although Wagstaffe said investigators are still looking into Patel’s motive, they believe there is enough proof from security footage and eyewitness reports to prove that his actions on January 2 were deliberate.  He said the wife also provided first responders with an “incriminating” statement, but he withheld any further information.

The attorney for Patel’s wife has declined to allow investigators for an interview until she is “physically ready to do so.”

Patel was granted a no-harassment order instead of a no-contact order, so he is allowed to contact his wife and children as long as it’s “peaceful and non-threatening.”

The state highway patrol is inspecting Patel’s Tesla to see whether there were any problems, even though there is no evidence right now that it was malfunctioning at the time of the accident.

According to Wagstaffe, Patel had been hospitalized since the crash, but as of Friday, he was discharged and booked into jail.

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