Man Who Robbed Safaree Of Cash and Jewelry Pleads Guilty

Safaree was held at gunpoint and robbed of more than $180k in cash and jewelry back in 2018 after three men followed the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star and cornered him in a parking garage…right in front of surveillance cameras.

Now one of the men, Carl Harry, has decided to plead guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to commit theft; and prosecutors have agreed to recommend a sentence of 364 days in the Bergen County Jail, with 5 years probation following. In addition, Harry’s other 6 charges will also be dismissed.

According to TMZ, the other 2 men charged, Shawn Harewood (a former acquaintance of Safaree’s) and Tacuma Ashman, are scheduled for trial in December, with their 7-count indictments still standing. Harry will be sentenced in January.

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