Men, Are You Ready For A Mancation?

Men, Are You Ready For A Mancation?

The term “mancation” refers to a vacation taken by men, typically with only male friends, to engage in activities considered “guy” things. The Urban Dictionary defines it as involving sports, camping, gambling, chasing women, and drinking among male friends, with no wives, mistresses, or girlfriends allowed.

Men use mancations as a way to indulge in activities that women might not enjoy and to bond with their male friends. Here are some examples of mancation activities:

  • Sports: Going to different baseball, hockey, or football stadiums, watching games, hitting popular sports bars, and talking about sports without boring those who aren’t interested.
  • Indulging in man-friendly vices: Finding destinations, resorts, nightclubs, or hotels that cater to men, or indulging in a particular interest. For example, sampling cigars at a smoking lounge, tasting wine on a road trip, visiting a microbrewery, or getting massages at a guy-centric spa.
  • Adventure: Taking an adrenaline-fueled trip, such as bungee jumping or sky diving, to get a rush and create lasting memories.
  • Outdoor activities: Going fishing, RVing, backpacking, golfing or visiting a dude ranch for some male bonding, like in the film City Slickers.

Overall, mancations provide a way for men to escape the stresses of daily life and enjoy some time with their friends engaging in activities they enjoy.


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