Mandeecees Baby Mama Says Yandy Smith Practices “Hoeism”


During this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop, Yandy decided she no longer wanted to work with Amina after finding out Peter was cheating on the mother of his child with her. Little did we know Yandy was allegedly the pot AND the black a** kettle because she recently found herself in the exact position.


In the past we’ve posted about Mandeecees philandering ways. While up to his illegal activity, Mandeecees was also allegedly sleeping around too. One child we knew of was Mandeecees Jr. On television we only see Yandy playing motherly roles, but his mother has now been identified as a young lady named Erika. Want to know what else is so special about Erika? She’s not only the mother of little Mandeecees, but also the mother of another one of Mandeecee’s sons, Aasim, who according to Bossip is not even a year older than Yandy’s son.



After Monday’s episode of LHHNY, Erika took to her Instagram to fire subliminal shots towards Yandy.



The photo was followed by a caption saying: “#Potslovecallingkettlesblack #Beliefsdontmakeyoubetteryourbehaviordoes #anounceofpracticeisworthmorethantonsofpreaching.”  For those that don’t read hashtags she said “Pots love calling kettles black. Beliefs don’t make you better, your behavior does. An ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of preaching.” Looks like Miss Erika has a lot more tea to spill on Yandy but has kept quiet thus far. I wonder how long the silence will last.

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