Prison Bae 2.0: Man’s Mugshot Goes Viral, Receives Numerous Offers To Pay His Bail

Prison Bae 2.0: Man’s Mugshot Goes Viral, Receives Numerous Offers To Pay His Bail

Hurt me hurt me! Another one bites the dust. A man’s Wake County mug shot has gone viral because of his good looks.

Brandon Lee Parton, 33, was booked in North Carolina on Wednesday on a charge of assault with serious bodily injury.

Twitter users have offered to pay his bail and have called him the new “Hot Felon.” 

“After seeing [this] lemme go bail, my man, out,” one person tweeted in response.

“How deadly we talking,” another wrote under the mugshot post. “My number on the bonds number list,” a third replied while a fourth quipped, “And imma stick beside him.”

Some people wanted to take a peek into his prior criminal history. Back in April 2017, he was arrested on allegations of kidnapping and rape.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee took him into custody after investigators found a seriously injured woman at a home.

He is on probation for the offense of aggravated assault until March 31, 2030.

Parton’s now-viral mugshot comes after former inmate Jeremy Meeks’s mugshot rose to fame.

He was given many nicknames such as “Hot Felon,” “Felon Bae,” and “The Blue-Eyed Bandit” after the Stockton Police Department posted his pic on Facebook.

The pic garnered 75,000 likes, 20,000 comments, and 10,000 shares and continues to make its rounds online.

Meeks has landed high-profile modeling gigs.

In 2017, he walked the runway in his first-ever debut and has signed deals with Tommy Hilfiger, Philipp Plein, and more. He also has 1.5 million followers on Instagram and has also gotten into acting, with appearances in the new Secret Society 2 and more.

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