Mariah Carey Battles Former Personal Assistant In $3 Million Blackmail Lawsuit

Mariah Carey was reportedly being blackmailed by her former personal assistant and is suing as a result. 

The singer hired Lianna Azarian back in March 2015 to take on the role as her personal assistant. However, the nightmare of the business relationship seemed to begin when Azarian took advantage of Carey’s reputation by going on personal shopping sprees and getting discounts from designers.

But, the issues didn’t stop there. Things also took a shady turn when Mariah found out she was secretly being recorded doing “embarrassing personal things.” She went on to detail Lianna, threatening to send the “professionally damaging” recordings out to people if she were ever fired. However, Carey still decided to terminate her employment two years later. That’s when Mariah claims she was eventually blackmailed for $8 million.

Now, as a result, Carey is demanding her former employee turn over the “intimate” recordings. In fact, she is also requesting the courts grant her over $3 million in damages over the incident. 

Who else is wondering what could possibly be on those tapes?

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