Mariah Carey Spends $70 Million to Insure Vocal Chords and Legs! – blogged by: @Paige_Kendra_

Platinum selling recording artist and legendary icon, Mariah Carey spent $70 million to insure her vocal chords and hamstrings.

Mariah Carey’s vocal chords are an important asset to her career. She’s obviously a tremendous singer, and as she tours internationally, she wants to make sure that she protects her money maker. Reports say that the diva has taken out a $35 million insurance policy on her vocal chords. She also took out a matching insurance policy on her legs.  

The 46-year-old musician is dedicated to keeping her career on the rise, any cost necessary and didn’t hesitate to take out policies to protect her beloved body parts. In 2006 she was award  Legs Of A Goddess by Gillette, so it’s no doubt that her limbs are highly favored. 

Carey is not the first celebrity to financially protect their legs. Some may feel the investment is well worth it. She isn’t getting any younger, and is expanding her world tour to South America. She could potentially lose millions if she were to get hurt or lose her voice during tour.

The ‘We Belong Together’ singer wants to insure that her and her body parts will stay together and I don’t blame her.

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