Marine’s Wife Dies After He Trips On Pothole While Carrying Her During Date Night

John Pinkham and his new wife Robyn were having a fun night out with friends on June 15, 2019, when things suddenly took a turn for the worst, and now John is seeking justice for the unfortunate accident. According to NBC affiliate KNSD in San Diego, Pinkham was carrying his wife Robyn in his arms outside of the Coyote Bar and Grill in Carlsbad, California, after a night of dancing.

The lawsuit filed January 24 states, “Young, in love, and newlyweds, John Pinkham was carrying his wife Robyn Pinkham in his arms as they moved towards the group’s car. As John Pinkham walked through the poorly lit, un-even, and pothole-ridden parking lot while lovingly holding his wife, John stepped into a pothole causing him to lose his footing and fall forward.”

The fall caused Robyn to hit her head on the pavement so hard, she was knocked unconscious and immediately taken to a local hospital. Robyn passed away after “five days of intensive care and life-saving efforts,” the lawsuit states.

John is now suing SVF, LLC, the Santa Barbara-based company that owns and manages the Village Faire restaurant, accusing them of “inexcusable failure to maintain their parking lot in a safe condition” and ultimately causing the accident, according to court documents obtained by KNSD.

Marine's Wife Dies After He Trips On Pothole

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