Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga.
Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga.

GOP Member And QAnon Believer Marjorie Taylor Greene Might Be Investigated After Her Heathen Behavior Toward AOC Outside The House Chamber

QAnon believer and GOP member Marjorie Taylor Greene may be investigated after her “verbal assault” on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. Denounced Greene’s aggressive behavior toward AOC when she verbally assaulted the representative outside of the House Chamber on Wednesday. Pelosi said the incident that she referred to as a “verbal assault” and abuse was reported to her leadership office. 

“It’s so beyond the pale of anything that is in keeping with bringing honor to the House, or not bringing dishonor to the House. It’s so beyond the pale that you wonder…it probably is a matter for the Ethics Committee,” Pelosi said. She went on to say, “This is beneath the dignity of a person serving in the Congress of the United States and is a cause for trauma and fear among members, especially on the heels of an insurrection, on which the minority in the committee yesterday denied ever happened.”

She added that Greene’s behavior was “egregious” and said the House Republican Conference should create some “respectable behavior standard for them.” “But it could be that this would rise to the level of an ethics complaint,” she said.

This is all comes after Greene continuously tried to bully AOC on Wednesday for supporting police reform. Greene took to Twitter and wrote that Ocasio-Cortez supports “defund the police” but “wants to call the police for security bc she’s afraid of debating with me about her socialist” environmental plan. Greene also called Ocasio-Cortez “a fraud & a hypocrite.”

“Hey Alexandria,” Greene yelled twice, according to The Washington Post report. “You don’t care about the American people,” Greene was heard shouting after Ocasio-Cortez. “Why do you support terrorists and Antifa?” Greene carried on as AOC gracefully ignored her. After the incident, Greene told reporters after the encounter, “She’s a chicken; she doesn’t want to debate the Green New Deal.” Greene is referring to an environmental proposal AOC made, NBC News reports. bate the Green New Deal,” referring to an environmental proposal Ocasio-Cortez has made. “These members are cowards. They need to defend their legislation to the people. That’s pathetic.”

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