Mark CUrry vs Steve HArvey

Comedian Mark Curry Slams Steve Harvey For Allegedly Stealing His Comedy Routine For His Daytime Talk Show

Comedian Mark Curry, most popularly known for playing Mr. Cooper in the hit 90’s sitcom, “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper,” recently appeared on an episode of Fox Soul’s “The Mike & Donny Show, where he had some choice words for fellow comedian, Steve Harvey.

When host Mike Hill asked Curry, “What’s up with you and Steve, man?” Curry responded bluntly, claiming, “Steve stole my material on his show, so I had a beef on that.”

When Hill pressed Curry regarding the specific details of his beef, Curry responded, “When he was on his bullsh– talk show that he had, he did all of my Halloween material one Halloween,” referring to Harvey’s NBC talk show “Steve” which has now been picked up by Facebook Watch.

Curry went on to further criticize Harvey, calling him out of his name several times.

“And my thing was, you didn’t have to do that homeboy. Mother–, you made enough money, b– a–,” he added.

This is not the first time that Harvey has been accused of stealing from fellow comedians. In 2003, fellow King of Comedy tour headliner and friend, Bernie Mac, interviewed with GQ, where he claimed that Harvey was jealous of his success and had even tried to steal gigs from him. However, Harvey alleges that when he confronted Mac about the comments before his death in 2008, Mac denied ever making them.

Harvey nor his representatives have responded to Curry’s allegations.

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