Marriage Isn’t On Everyone’s Mind So Stop Forcing It

For some reason there’s this notion that everyone wants to get married or should get married, especially if the couple have been together for a long time.

Many of us have come from a two parent household and it’s been instilled in you that you should get married first, then have the babies. Fast forward to now, that’s not on everyone’s agenda.

You have children that have seen their parents go through hell and back but continue to stay in the relationship “for the kids.” They want their children to grow up with both parents in the household and live as one, meanwhile the husband and wife hate each other.

Children are very observant and grow up wanting things to go differently than how their parents did it, and there’s nothing wrong that.

We have to respect the choices that people make whether we like them or not. At the end of the day it’s their choice, right? So if it’s their choice, why do the outside feel the need to voice their opinions on someone’s decision. If someone is content with their situation, then who are we to judge?!?

Maybe they prefer to consider themselves as life partners without the piece of paper. There are many people that do not care for the title. What ever you choose to do, make sure it’s what YOU want to do.

What are your thoughts on marriage?


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