Marrying For Money: Is She A Gold Digger Or Is She Looking Out For Her Financial Well-Being?

Let’s be honest for a second. All women marry for money, whether it’s for financial stability or because of their gold digging ways. 

So how do you know whether a woman is a gold digger or just simply looking out for her financial well-being? Well, let us break it down for you. 

Ask yourself, “Why did I get Married?” Did you get married for love first or was it the money? If you married your significant other for money first, then you are a gold digger. Love possibly came later but just be honest with yourself on why you really got married. Honestly, you don’t have to answer to anyone about what you do or how you go about but just understand who you are, which is a Golf Digger. 

If your spouse was to go broke today, would you stay with him? I’m talking about the two of you are one missed mortgage payment from being on the street. 

Of course, no one wants to be in this predicament but sometimes shit just happens. Are you the wife that will hold things down til he picks things back? If you answered, “yes,” then you are more of a financial planner. 

A gold digger looks at her man as an endorsement deal. As long as he keeps her in the finest things and keeps the money flowing, she will stick around. But when that money is gone, so is your trophy wife. 

Do you name drop? Gold diggers love to drop names. Anytime a person addresses their spouse by their first and last name, you know they want everyone to know who they are married to. 

The wife that’s there for financial well-being is less likely to mention her spouse and enjoys staying out of the limelight when possible. 

Lastly, would you sign a prenup? If you say yes, then you are confident in your marriage, and you have plans to ensure that your family will be financially stable. There’s nothing wrong with protecting what’s yours and knowing that if something was to go wrong, you are secured financially. 

A gold digger on the other hand will come up with every excuse on why she shouldn’t sign. She would rather leave the relationship than to sign a prenup. 

Marrying for Money

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