Marshawn Lynch Sits During National Anthem At Preseason Game, Raiders Coach Says “It’s Not An Issue For Me”


As fans and sports analysts continue to debate over the alleged blackballing of #ColinKaepernick for his stance against police brutality, recent retiree #MarshawnLynch made headlines in his return to the league.


Prior to the team’s preseason opener against the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday, Lynch sat on an orange cooler with his arms on his knees during the nation’s national anthem. Although, Lynch did not take the field in the team’s 20-10 loss to the Cardinals, Raiders coach Jack Del Rio addressed Lynch’s decision to sit, saying he did not believe it would be a distraction.


“On Marshawn, talked to Marshawn trying to make sure we’re on the same page,” Del Rio said. “He said, ‘This is something I’ve done for 11 years. It’s not a form of anything other than me being myself.’ I said, ‘So you understand how I feel, I very strongly believe in standing for the national anthem. But I’m going to respect you as a man, you do your thing. We’ll do ours.’ It’s not an issue for me.”


Although the baller has been known for his disdain towards the media, Lynch has openly voiced support for Kaepernick’s decision to kneel in protest of policy brutality.

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