Mary J Blige Sued For Past Due Rent & Allegedly Trashing L.A. Rental Mansion

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Mary J Blige’s former landlord, Golden Venus L.L.C has filed court documents claiming Blige and her ex-husband, Martin Issacs, left the rental home dirty and damaged before skipping out on the rent. 

Golden Venus L.C.C says the lease agreement was set at $25,000 per month with a security deposit of $51,000. 

In April 2016, Golden Venus and the couple came to a lease renewal agreement for $27,000 a month. However, the rental company says the couple didn’t pay their rent August-November, so they were served with notice to either pay the $85,050 or vacate the premises in three days. 

After negotiations, both parties came to an agreement— Blige and her husband would pay $27,000 and allow Golden Venus to keep the security deposit and the issue would be resolved. 

However, Golden Venus claims not only did they never get the $27,000, but they also found thousands of dollars worth of damage to the home, over $16,000 worth. Damages included holes in the walls, repairs to the water heater, freezer, air conditioning unit and repairs to the garage door. 

They also claim over $31,000 in audio/video equipment belonging to them had been “removed” from the home. 

In total, Golden Venus says they are owed close to $60,000, plus interest. 

Blige and Issac’s divorce was finalized earlier this year.

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