Maryland Police Arrest Black Passenger Who Refused To Show ID During Traffic Stop

On Friday, a Black man was arrested after being forcibly removed from the car by Maryland police officers for refusing to show his identification.

Antoine Webington and his girlfriend, Heather Janney, were pulled over for a traffic infraction, TMZ reports. Janney was pulled over for doing 45 MPH in a 30 MPH zone. Webington was just a passenger in the car, and officers demanded to see his ID for reasons unknown.

When Webington refused, the officers placed him under arrest and dragged him out of the car. 

His girlfriend caught the whole encounter on TikTok, and you can hear her crying in the background as he is cuffed and led away. A car seat is visible in the backseat.

According to TMZ, officers told them that Webington was arrested for resisting and had two outstanding warrants.

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  1. soooo two white cops knew before hand he was wanted bullshit

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