Mase Claims 50 Cent Doesn’t Have His Facts Straight After He Claims That Mase Owns Fivio Foreign’s Publishing Rights

Mase is clapping back at 50 Cent after he claimed Mase is being a hypocrite in his beef over publishing rights with Diddy.

Baller Alert previously reported on Diddy calling out the Grammys over their lack of Black representation and mistreatment of Black artists. Mase, who was signed to Bad Boy Records, then accused Diddy of being just like the Grammys in regards to taking advantage and mistreating artists like him. “I heard your Grammy speech about how u are now for the artist and about how the artist must take back control,” Mase wrote in an Instagram post.” So I will be the first to take that initiative. Also, before we ask of other ethnicities to do us right, we should do us as black people better. Especially the creators. I heard u loud and clear when u said that u are now for the artist, and to that, my response is if u want to see change, you can make a change today by starting with yourself,” he added.

But, 50 said that Mase, too, is the pot calling the kettle black because he apparently ripped Fivio Foreign out of his publishing rights. According to Fif, Mase bought Fivio Foreign’s publishing at an unfair price, so that doesn’t give him a right to “cry over spilled milk” when discussing Mase’s beef with Diddy. “He’s pointing out the publishing shit. He’s doing the same shit to young boys now. Fivio. Like it’s there. You doing the same shit that they did to you, boy. Fuck is you crying about some shit they did to you and you doing it to somebody else? Get the fuck outta here, man,” 50 said.

Though 50’s claims weren’t confirmed, on Wednesday, Cigar Talk host Naji took to Twitter, claiming Mase has proof that 50 Cent’s accusations are false. “PSA: I spoke to Mase today. He called me & showed me paperwork saying he took 0% of Fivio Foreign’s publishing rights,” Naji said in a tweet, later adding, “Fivio & Mase do have an existing agreement which I won’t disclose. But, we will have clarity soon, on a lot of issues. #CigarTalk.”

This is the second time 50 has shared his piece on the matter. The New York media mogul stopped by The Breakfast Club and opened up about the two’s beef. “I’m kind of in the middle on that. Because Mase will tell you he’s coming back get a check then breakout. Like he’s done that to Puff. Twice. … If it was so bad, then why is he doing it to someone else? Like he’s doing the same thing to Fivio,” said 50.

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  1. Once again 50. Is spreading his hatin ass lies

  2. 50 iz so full o shit…..why dont he just MYOFB. That piece on FM wasn’t bad enough…then the KING KONG double has to keep going in on others w/o the facts. This dude is beyond sickening…..go spend your cash made onon the dry ass series and mpvies and let folks be

  3. Fifty be talking all that shit but cannot ever go back to his hood where he from in New York because they gone get at him Y’all have to Watch the Movie on YouTube Called Beef 3 They Handling 50 and The Game y’all see He Left The Game alone GGGGGGG YOU NOT FIFTY A SNITCH

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