Dozens of Massachusetts Troopers Quit Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Dozens of state police troopers in Massachusetts have submitted their resignation over the state’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

Last month, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed an executive order requiring all executive department employees to be vaccinated with proof by October 17th or face possible termination. Last week, a judge denied the State Police Association of Massachusetts’ request to have the order delayed. In protest of this, the union confirmed that the officers had decided to quit.

State Police Association President Michael Cherven said that while they respect the judge’s ruling, they are “disappointed.” He added that Governor Baker enforcing “one of the most stringent vaccine mandates in the country” with no alternatives was unfortunate considering that the department is already “critically short-staffed.”

Cherven says that he and the rest of the executive board are vaccinated and that the request for a pause was not an “anti-vaccine thing.” Instead, the association is simply seeking a solution that everyone can be comfortable with. As of now, almost 20% of the State Police employees remain unvaccinated.

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