Mathew Knowles Says It’s Insulting To Compare Beyoncé To Chloe Bailey: “Who Are These Idiots?!”

Mathew Knowles thinks anyone who would compare the talent of his superstar daughter, Beyoncé, to the talent of her protégée, Chloe Hailey is an “idiot.”

Knowles was a guest on a YouTube show called “Leah’s Lemonade” and said he could understand Chloe’s name being bandied about to play Bey in a biopic, but the comparisons of his daughter to the up-and-coming singer, who is apart of the hit R&B duo Chloe x Halle with her sister –is where he draws a line.

When the host asked him if he saw the same raw talent in Chloe as he saw in his superstar daughter when she was first starting out, Mathew screwed up his face and responded with, “You’ve got to be kidding me, right? You’re asking me that question” he asked incredulously.

“Are you telling me talent-wise- somebody is an idiot enough to compare her to Beyoncé talent-wise?” he asked the host repeatedly.

Papa Knowles went on to say the comparison was actually insulting to his daughter, saying if you wanted to use artists like Barbara Streisand for comparison, it would make more sense.

When the host tried to clarify further and give Chloe her own props, Knowles stated, “I want to get off this topic.”

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  1. I don’t remember him being offended when people were comparing Bey to Tina Turner at Chloe’s age…..

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