Mathew Knowles Speaks On The Possibility Of A Destiny’s Child Reunion: ”I Certainly Hope So”

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Mathew Knowles, the father of singer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, spoke on the possibility of a Destiny’s Child reunion. The publication’s Marco Lupo asked the group’s manager if he would like the see the trio reunite, to which Knowles responded, “I certainly hope so.”

The task of coming together as one is easier said than done for the former group, as the dynamic of the group members’ lives have changed since they went their separate ways in 2005.

“I understand that Kelly and Beyoncé are mothers, and they have a family and that changes the dynamics,” Knowles mentioned. “Each one of the ladies are successful in their own right. They all have their individual solo careers. So, coordinating family, careers, that’s a lot of juggling. I’m sure in due time; the ladies will decide if that’s what they want to do and if they do or do not as supportive as I could be as their manager.”

The thought of Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle reuniting as a group has remained hopeful for many as the ladies have not only remained close friends but have also come together musically for several occasions over the years.

In 2013, for the Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show, Beyoncé was the featured entertainer. As a surprise to viewers, she brought out bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams as her special guests during a segment of her performance. Together, they performed “Bootylicious,” “Independent Woman,” and Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On it).”

When Michelle became a solo artist, she switched her genre of music to Gospel. She would go on to release several albums, including Journey to Freedom, which featured “Say Yes” in 2014. The song is an upbeat gospel tune that involved both Kelly and Beyoncé as Michelle’s featured singers. This would also become the second time that the ladies would come together, since their split.

The latest reunion between the trio of performers came in April 2018. Beyoncé was the headline performer for the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. On both scheduled days (April 14, 21), Beyoncé shared the stage with her former group members Kelly and Michelle, as the ladies performed some of their most well-known songs together.

“[Their Coachella performance] shows how much they practiced, that 10 years later they cannot miss a beat,” Knowles said. “It’s just remarkable. It shows that their dedication was really there. I know these ladies; they have strong work ethics. I’m extremely proud of all three of them.”

Mathew Knowles then spoke on how Destiny’s Child’s success as a group, and how difficult the entire process can be.

“It hasn’t been done after Destiny’s Child,” he said. “We really haven’t had a breakthrough group. It’s very difficult. There’s a lot of dynamics that are different than even with a boys’ group. It’s also about teamwork and friendship. It’s not just about talent, and you have to put all of that together with a team.”

He continued:

“That becomes very, quite difficult when you don’t have everyone on the same page and each going individually rather than collectively. That’s how life is. Sometimes there’s failures, sometimes we make mistakes, but it’s an opportunity to grow. Destiny’s Child is a real example of failure multiple times in a career but turning that to success.”

While there have been rumors swirling around for years that Destiny’s Child will reunite as a group and possibly go on tour, none of the actual members (Beyoncé, Kelly, Michelle) have spoken out on the matter.

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