Judge Dismisses Matt Barnes Restraining Order Against His Fiancé’s Ex-Husband Due to No Show in Court
Matt Barnes (screenshot)

Matt Barnes Caught on Camera Spitting on His Fianceé’s Ex Husband During Heated Altercation at Cowboys vs. 49ers Game [Video]

Former NBA star Matt Barnes was caught on camera spitting on his fiancee Anansa Sims‘ ex-husband during an altercation at the Cowboys vs. 49ers playoff game Sunday.

TMZ Sports obtained footage of the incident, which shows the Barns spitting on Sims’ ex David Patterson Jr., before getting into his face. Video then shows the men shoving each other before separating.

According to a temporary civil restraining order application filed by Barnes in L.A. court Tuesday, Patterson Jr. is accused of being the aggressor. Barnes claims Patterson Jr. “hunted me down and aggressively confronted me.” He also claims Patterson Jr. cursed him out, threatened him and called him names while inciting the crowd “into a frenzy by yelling out my full name repeatedly.”

After all of that, Barnes said, “I did not want the altercation to physically escalate further, and out of frustration with him seeking me out and his unrelenting repeated harassment, I spit in his direction in disgust.”

Barnes also claimed that Patterson Jr. has been harassing him for months and has even threatened to shoot him.  The NBA champ believes Patterson Jr. is jealous that he’s now in a relationship with Sims.

LAPD is investigating the incident that occurred Sunday at Levi’s Stadium.

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