Chicago Mayor Introduces Ordinance That Allows the City to Sue Gang Members to Seize Their Assets

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Tuesday an ordinance that allows the city to sue local gangs to reduce widespread gun violence.

“As a city, we are using every tool to push back against the gangs that are leaving a trail of blood, death, and misery in their wake,” Lightfoot said.
The Chicago Tribune reports that the ordinance could allow up to $10,000 in fines per offense and the ability to seize “any property that is directly or indirectly used or intended for use in any manner to facilitate street gang-related activity.”
In recent months, the Chicago Police Department has been vocal about its efforts to curb gun violence, particularly at the hands of violent gang members.
On Monday, Counterterrorism Chief Ernest Cato told reporters at a crime press conference that the police would be “laser-focused” on gangs and narcotics in the city.
So far this year, the CPD has made 1,931 arrests and recovered over $328 million of narcotics from off the street.

“We know in our city that we have a hard, large issue with gang conflicts and open narcotics areas,” Cato said. He later added: “Our focus will be the gangs in this city to help reduce the violence.”

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